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  1. should see some hard work get pumped out between now and chrissy as i need it ready to race early feb so keep eyes peeled for some exciting things to come
  2. i only deregestered it the other week i was planning to keep rego on it to sneak out to my favourit 4wd places but i decided the amount imdriving it (hasent been driven since easter) there is no point keeping rego cause the build as i see it there is always somethign between races i will want to change or upgrade so its never going to really see the black top again.
  3. thought id update some pictures for you guys interested,
  4. its came out very nice in the end, he last two days iv almost been late for work catching up on the zzzzz's still lol
  5. Standard tb42e manifold for now will eventaully make a forward facing intake plenum with 80mm v8 throttle body
  6. Hurryup and get it finished man, then come help me get mine done so we can go wheeling one weekend lol
  7. Some pictures of the truck how she sits and some of her good bits
  8. Few more pictures from our race weekend
  9. Hey Fellas been a long time thought id update my section here for any one who may be interested, well since the coilovers iv done a double tri rear end which worked really well went on to beadlocked rims caged ect ect and competed in the Mackay Offraod Challenge this year to place 4th, was pretty happy about that but was pretty bummed that we lacked power all in all a great weekend we had down at Cathu where the comp was held since then sold the coilovers and everything under the front 5 link coils shocks ect went to some 37" treps, 17" beadlocked Savanna's, doing an efi turbo upgrade cage is
  10. Ok for anyone interested got my coilovers finished today, couple of quick snaps will go up as i was in such a rush to get it finished i didnt get many progress snaps sorry for that. I started with this idea but got stuffed around with the guys who where going to laser cut everything for me so had a last minute change of idea. Now it looks like this Little flex up just to make sure everything is working how it should
  11. In the front of mine i have been running dobinson heavy duty coils with tough dog adjustable shocks set to 4-5 clicks and its nice on road, off road i set them to 0. If your unsure ring Shane at suspension stuff tell him what you got hanging off the front and what your after in your ride and he can tell you exactly what you need.
  12. Mick creat a youtube account if you dont have one upload them to youtube once its been approved by the youtube guys it will be available to be viewed by the public then just go to the video copy the url link at the top of the internet browser and paste it in a comment here and will take people to the video when they click the link.
  13. Not as of yet Brando, once iv finished everything, so thats coilovers front and rear and changing to tri uppers on rear with longer lowers the lot will be engineered at once to save me time and some money instead of doing it in indervidual steps, as it sits its mod plated for cab chop, 35" tyres, the 4" coil lift and 2" body lift.
  14. Here ya go BigGQWesty the coilovers are in the final stages now and hoops are made and tacked onto the chassis ready and waiting for me to weld it all up but this will show you how much higher they sit now with the new tubes, ill also tomorrow take a picture with the cover off the back of my truck to see how far below the window they are.
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