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  1. It was the master cylinder for the clutch. All good now
  2. Ive got a 2000 gu ZD30. Been doing NADS. Have egr block, dawes and needle valve, pyro and boost gauge. I've been playing a lot with it so I'll list the events in chronological order. Firstly the engine light kept coming on and/or going into limp mode. No NADS fitted yet. Mostly on highway. I replaced MAF sensor with a cheap ebay one. (Mistake). Seemed to fix the problem but now blowing black smoke. Sometimes going into limp mode. But much better. Next step was fitting gauges. Boost and pyro. Then fitted dawes and needle valves. Set up according to the page I found on this forum. Stopped
  3. Just wires going through the fire wall. The boost sensor is still in the engine bay
  4. There was a blown gasket on the bottom part of the egr pipe, Such a pain in the arse to get to. All done though. Worked ok. Boost gauge isn't reading properly now though.
  5. Hi guys. Got a strange one here. Have owned the truck just over 3 months and slowly overt the last month or a little more it had been getting really difficult to get into 1st 2nd and reverse. At first I thought it was maybe syncros but it was 3 of the gears all around the same time. Also I found a receipt in the glove box for a full gearbox rebuild and clutch replacement 2 years ago less than 30,000ks ago. I've bleed the clutch a few times now and while the clutch feels a lot better the problem has not improved. It feels like the pressure plate maybe cos when I stop and leave it in gear I can
  6. yeah i don't think the two are related but they just happened to be at the same time. Not sure if it was limp mode, but i had no acceleration, and lost about 50km's an hour before i got any power back and even then it took a long time to get back to 110km/h. haven't had the power loss problem since.
  7. Hi guys, Was cruising down the highway minding my own business (2000 model ZD30) and she must have over boosted or something and went into (i'm assuming) limp mode. Had no acceleration and lost most power. anyway, after getting back to normal my speedo just starts jumping all over the place. Not in the mood to worry about it, i just go off the GPS to get me the rest of the way. So now i've been driving around a while i've found out the symptoms. It appears that driving up to 60km/h is fine, but anything over 65ks and she starts jumping all over the place again. I'm not so fussed about it
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