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  1. Hi all, i am Paul from sunny QLD Maryborough close to Bundaberg Rum country. I have a large family and I was in need a 7 seater so I purchased a GQ Nissan Patrol rb30 for $3000 and I love it unfortunaly the wife hates it !! The GQ is my shopping trolly, people mover and weekend go anywhere 4wd. Here is the 4x4 talk for you gurus 91 GQ rb30 4 inch lift with 33 inch muddies steel bar with winch lightbar, shimmed the rear diff, side steps, roof cage and a baby seat
  2. yes what Westy said so on petrol your manual will say 15 deg btdc +or- 2deg .and when you accelerate the timing will advance to suit the rpm. now on gas this setting is some what gutless so the timing is advanced even more say up to 20 deg btdc now add load when accelerating your timing can be 25 deg btdc grate for lpg not so for petrol so what i have done is the tune for gas because this is my daily driver and and only use petrol out on the hwy say at 100kmph a few times a week to keep it running well.LPG is quite punchy around town at the lights stopping and starting so no worries there and lpg is still cheap around 90 cents a liter. can,t complain about price ether. so what about 4x4ing i use LPG less nasty exhaust gas to breath when attaching the snatch strap for recoveries and engine don't starve of fuel when things get steep or of camber. hope this helps you out there happy 4x4ing
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