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  1. For anyone Following this topic; I changed the Fuel Filter and since, have not had any '0707 Injection Pump injection timing control' codes.It appears the fuel filter was over-torqued and the O-ring was was crushed which likely allowed air to be sucked in. Link to images showing Crushed O-ring and Filter contents: https://imgur.com/a/yOrUbqb Video showing how easily the filter O-ring would fold over where it appeared to be over-tightened: https://youtu.be/pqd6yAi9jB4
  2. Wow, Thanks foir the detailed reply Rumcajs! I haven't yet changed the fuel filter however the previous owner said they did it right befoire i bought it, so thinking it could be a possibility. I've changed the majority of the fuel lines however the smaller line, it looks like i tightened the hoseclamp too much and it has a slight seep from the clamp. I'll start with the fuel filter as I've already bought a replacement and then look at the other suggestions. I'll update the thread with what the fix is. Thanks, Shane
  3. Hi all, 2001 3L DDI When driving I'm getting the "0707 Injection Pump injection timing control" code and the car loses power. If i turn the car off for a few seconds and turn it back on I then regain power and the engine light turns off. Pressing the manual prime pump, it feels soft and I can press it a few times before going hard again. My questions: 1. Would the soft prime pump indicate air in the line? 2. If so, would this mean the air is coming from before the filter/the filter itself e.g. does the pump have a diaghpram which prevents air coming back from further up the line? I had this error the day before, thinking maybe bad fuel, put 60L and injector cleaner and the error didn't appear for 100km.Due to the prime pump being soft, I'm thinking maybe just coincidence or perhaps i have a small air leak but the main issue is bad fuel quality? Regards, Shane
  4. Thanks Mate, A friend of mine did the repair and chose to solder. If I have any issues I'll definitely look at using the plug/crimp joint as suggested. thanks for the info!
  5. Hi Rumcajs, It's installed on a 2001 GU ZD30 VP44 pump. 3L non-common rail. I've been unsuccessful in my many hours of searching to find a picture of this exact one, I've found DTE and DTUK chips that are very very similar with the same outer casing but they are also slightly different.. :\. I've soldered these bad boys back together and the car now runs (Bought it not running) but not sure if soldering affects the readings to/from the pump in anyway. I'll have to find some electrical guru who knows for sure.
  6. Hi, Can anyone identify this chip? Looks similar to a DTE when searching and seems to have the same casing but the DTE chips have buttons, and look slightly different. Searching the numbers on the tag return nothing Also Is it possible to buy a replacement Wiring loom from Injector Pump to the factory loom (with or without the Tee off for the chip)? cheers, Shane
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