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  1. tonyfox1956

    Slow retractable seatbelt

    Buy a can of silicone spray, fully extend the belt, spray the belt sideways as to get both sides as you let it retract, job done!
  2. tonyfox1956

    oil pressure light on

    Wow again and thanks, the detailed explanations ,part numbers and diagrams surpasses my expectations.
  3. tonyfox1956

    oil pressure light on

    Wow and thank you very much , my problem is intermittent, and being a newbe I am not exactly sure what the designation is for this model hence does it actually have a second switch. 2004 patrol 3 litre diesel. I had a look at the exhaust side and couldnt find another switch? Any help with the location? I ASSume its on the other side (exhaust )? Many thanks and I dont think the resistor is bad as it is intermitant?
  4. tonyfox1956

    oil pressure light on

    I have since read on here this is a common fault, there are two switches on either side of the engine. Are the switches the same and I dont see any reason to replace the resistor if the switch is staying grounded. Thanks
  5. tonyfox1956

    oil pressure light on

    Hello, newbe here with a question. I have a 2004 Patrol 3.0 ish diesel with oil pressure light on when starting cold and wont go out unless you turn off and on several times? Switch sticking, is that a common fault? And part number if possible, May thanks for your observations