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  1. Could be the front or rear diff missing a few teeth Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  2. I've done that a few times on my zd30 lol. Last time completely melted through. Bought one through NIZZBITS and I think it was under $30 delivered. I now put a rag over terminal when checking oil. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Mine has always done it until I used vmx80 and nylon treatment. After this it stopped for about 20 000 and has now returned. Time for oil change I think.
  4. Bring back the RAY Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  5. Geez, I live in cairns and still haven't done the cape.
  6. So what i got from that ray was to not let you build me a computer. Instead by an overpriced Oem computer.
  7. Hi guys, Anybody had any bad experiences with the seals on side of head where the injector tubes and injectors meet? I have had to take it back before and now again after they rebuilt the motor as they keep leaking. They stopped it for a couple of hundred kays and now its leaking oil down side of motor again. Any suggestions ? Dan J
  8. 204,000 kms where on the speed. I'm not sure if it was changed previously before I owned yet
  9. I don't understand why this topic is raised by yourself all the time lol. If you need to run majority of windows software just run windows. There is alot of major software recognizing Linux as a real os nowadays but there's still a major gap between them all. If it troubles you to be confident and get various things operating on Linux stick to windows as you keep flogging the dead horse.
  10. Ray......oh I wish I was not wanting to reply on my phone. What is it with you Linux? Your obviously intregued by it and a tech enthusiest at heart. A person could be forgiven for wondering why Linux e.g Ubuntu is not better than the commercial Os's available with all the community developers around. Its not really aimed at the average person although I have seen such comments. Linux is for power users, who like to mess around or who want a Rock solid os on a very secure kernel which is why most servers around the world are Linux/Unix machines. You can emulate a windows environment as such with Wine as you have with oziexplorer. Although it will not be as smooth due to not having direct access to things such as ram or hdd .
  11. From what I could gather, the Guys at cape York automotive looked after me. They did a great job aswell.
  12. I can get genuine Garrett for $1100 here at cairns diesel
  13. Well yesterday I was wiring up a dual battery system in my brother's gq, needed some extra stuff so down to auto shop we go.....on way back I could hear a rattling noise. *** wait for it *** Crunch bang and grind......For.F%$k sake what now..... turns out my turbo decided it didn't like me, if its not enough that.I spent $8,000 2500 kms ago on an engine rebuild.... limped it home and Pulled intake off checked impeller and there was massive amounts of play. Good news is a have a spare one in garage that was off a low Kay zd30 that blew up and I brought. All changed and running better than it ever has, hope this turbo lasts. It was surprisingly easy to do and the hardest part was the heat shield.. was going to take photos but thought I better get the job done. I think I was lucky s I couldn't find any metal in intake. dan
  14. That's the vacuum reserve canister
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