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  1. Hi all - I'm trying to find out the expected oil pressure on a 3.0TD engine. My oil light came on the other day and since then I've replaced the oil sensor near the turbo and oil resistor in the cab. I'm waiting on the correct oil sensor near the starter to arrive. Despite changing the above and unplugging the sensor near the starter, the oil light still lights up once the engine is running. I've just put the oil pressure gauge on the top sensor unit bear the turbo and the readings I'm getting are: Idle = 85/90 PSI or 6 Bar Rev to 2,000 = 100 PSI or 7 bar Rev
  2. Hi - I’m trying to figure out if my 2003 GR (U.K. 3.0 model) has two oil sensors on the engine. I can only find the one near the turbo. I’ve read that the oil resistor could be behind the diff lock switch in the cab, but reading the above I wondered if this actually exists for this model? Thanks guys
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