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  1. Just thought I'd fill you in on my turbo upgrade. I end up going for a DTS manifold with TD05 18g turbo from Diesel Central near Rocky QLD. I went for the Cross Country Top Mount IC. I sourced my own parts for my 4" turbo intake 3" Stainless Beaudesert exhaust system. Oil Catch Can Things to do Have the engine tuned on the dyno I'm thinking of upgrading to the 12mm injector pump next. Build a Air Box for the air filter
  2. Finished my turbo upgrade by fitting my catch can Then gave my pride and joy a wash and polish Took her for a drive and we listened to Jimmy Barnes We had a great day.
  3. Hi guys, I'm thinking of turbocharging my TD42. My engine has only done 178,000 km so it should be in good order. I don't know which kit to go for. I know there are a few but I was leaning towards the safari turbo system. However the quotes that I have received for the kit are very pricey. One of my GQ's already has a safari turbo kit with front mount intercooler, it was already on the vehicle when I purchased it. It looks like a factory turbo. The DTS kits look ok, but I'm having trouble coming to terms with bolting anything that is made by Mitsubishi to my Nissan. Any way some help or personal experiences with either of these kits would be appreciated Cheers
  4. Hi, I am new to the forum. Congrats on the install and the finished product looks good. As an owner of 2 GQ and 1 GU Nissan Patrol wagons, this thread has helped me source a supplier that will help me keep my GQ looking good and rust free. I will be replacing the side windows in the GQ with the Sliding windows as they are just showing signs of rust in a couple of spots under the rubber seals. I think I'll replace them with the full glass option. Cheers
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