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Hey guys new to the group my names jim new to owning a patrol and so far love it heres my gu 2002 it was originally a zd 30 but has been converted to a td42 silvertop running a safari/luxens turbo setup currently running 12psi can anyone recommend a reliable tmic setup that wont break the bank will a stock gu td42 intercooler work? dd153b4745b0d6a16e826d723041f07c.pnga1783c0b6101f173a57038eeffba196c.jpga16ae690790ceda2615ba29f4fa3de94.jpg

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TD42Ti intercooler should work but you will have to obtain the entire assembly setup including brackets which go from the the bulkhead to the front cross member. See pic bellow.


That might be rising the cost, as for which intercooler there are several to choose from: HPD or Cross Country but none are cheap but are complete package with all the hardware as well, then there is "ARE intercoolers" but I think they only upgrade your old intercooler.....

otherwise you might have to do an Ebay job and make all the brackets yourself.


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