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Tjm vs arb vs opposite lock y62 bull bar


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Hi guys, my patrol will be arriving in the next month or so and some help to workout which which bar i go with.

I have narrowed it down to the 3 listed above and as hoping to get some feedback from forum members who have any of the bars installed. Strength wise, is there much difference between the 3 loop opp lock bar over the other 2?

For those that have the ol bar installed are you happy with overall build quality?

Anyone know where they are built?

Appreciate some pics if possible.

Thank you

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I don't have one (Y62 or OL bar) so my comment is not really that relevant just an opinion....

They're built in SE Asia (OL) and what I think you should take in to consideration is the weight of each unit. IMHO I'd go for just a bumper style unit (no loops) or maybe Sahara (centre loop only)


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