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Crank sensor

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On 08/01/2017 at 11:32 AM, Boggy bay said:

No Power to the Cranksensor,,?? Any sugestions??

What motor?

RD28 has crank sensor too, so does TD42Ti.....

if ZD30 Di  ==>

The crankshaft position sensor (TDC) monitors engine speed by
means of signals from the sensing plate (with three protrusions)
installed to the crankshaft pulley. The data signal output is detected
at ATDC 70° and sent to the ECM. The sensor signal is used for
fuel injection control and fuel injection timing control...

It has magnetic inductive sensor which is generating its own AC voltage or so is my understanding.

Only Hall effect sensors require power supply.

You really need an oscilloscope to measure anything in there...

You can measure however

resistance between crankshaft position sensor (TDC) terminals 1 and 2.

should be:  1200 -1600 Ohms at 20°C

* Check harness continuity between ECM terminal 47 and terminal 2.Continuity should exist.

* Check harness continuity between terminal 1 and ECM terminal 44.Continuity should exist.

* Check harness continuity between crankshaft position sensor (TDC) terminal 3 and engine ground. Continuity should exist.

Check the gap/clearance should be 0.2-1.8 mm







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