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Which UHF CB?


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Hi All,

With the expectant 40 channel UHF units becoming illegal after July 2017 despite ACMA issuing  proposed changes to that ==> CB changes

it is reasonable to assume that even if they opt for extension eventually the 40 channels units will become invalid....

With that in mind I'm currently looking at replacing mine because all my mates with 80 ch units whinge that they can't hear me properly as well as looking for better options then the Uniden 015SX provides. What is really amazing that that is still available for sale on E-bay from AU ==> ( Uniden UH015SX ) sellers despite being illegal to do so since 2012.

With that in mind what are my options?


pros: AU made, large selection, indeed they've got perfect replacement for mine UH015SX to TX3520SW

cons: pricey


pros: apparently professional gear

cons: not much to choose from....


pros: cheaper,

cons: quality issues....


pros: no idea

cons: terrible reviews




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On 20/02/2017 at 9:14 AM, admin said:

If I were buying it would be GME or Icom.


I have a GME in the car and handheld.. they are good. Icom are the ducks nuts for those flash with cash.

Yeah, I've been leaning towards GME products a bit, I also found out I can get them through work at wholesale price as well so I'm going for that one.



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Well I'm happy to report that GME TX3520W is working just fine. Being discontinued product (beats me why) I got a good price and it fitted nicely back where previous UHF setup was.

The steering wheel remote was a bit of pain to setup and remote mic I'm not sure how well it works but overall I'm happy with it.


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