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Vibration issues - to lift or not to lift


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I own a MY 16 Y61 2 door 4.8. I installed the Old Man EMU nitrogas charger shocks and asked for a 2 inch lift as well. They advised against the lift due to vibration issues above 80kmh, despite trying gearbox spaces, etc.

is there any experience on the group to advise?

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I'm afraid there isn't much experience with the short wheel base Y61 in Australia for example, so it is an unknown behaviour. OME doesn't do the suspension lifts anyway it is basically just under an inch raise if that and that is it. And they always advise against any lifts.

Suspension lift itself is not a cause of vibrations, usually it is the change in drive line angles and steering geometry which is responsible so if you can recalculate the angles and return them to be as close as to factory setting there should be no issues.

IMHO 2" lift should be fine without any other changes.


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