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Rear lights

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It depends on which GU model you have but essential information is correct.

GU4 onwards dummy lights have no provision for  globes at all, however some wiring is there. So options are to obtain complete lights assembly for Middle East GUs (they come complete with globes and wiring harness to existing factory plugs ) from Ebay and add wiring for them. LHS contains all the wiring but RHS has only two circuits, crucially the RH indicator wiring is there, fog lamp I don't use. I run wires for tail, brake and reverse from LHS under the trim near rear doors opening (there is a channel like space in the metal floor. I drilled holes in the dummy lights assemblies and used Hella globes holders as I didn't want amber indicators in the upper section of the light assembly as is ME option. I made top section tail lamps, centre section (normally reverse white lens) indicators and bottom section the brake lights.



I have reverse lights on my rear bar. 

GU3 and earlier have better read nicer selection/alternatives for the tail lamps assemblies. You can get fancy full LED aasemblies too.


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