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L98 & 6l80e or repair the ZD30


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Hi All,

I am currently looking into Upgrading the ZD30 Manual Setup to a L98/6L80 Auto setup and was wondering what people opinions on this setup were, or if there is anyone around Canberra with this setup or similar if I could have a look and a ask a few questions about their setup.



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G'day mate,

Well it all depends on how much $$$ you want to spend.  LS2 upgrade is very popular indeed there are dedicated Facebook groups to that conversion where everything needed is explained including links to suppliers of parts etc. (I can't help you with Facebook part you need to Google that) For example there are ready made engine mounts for LS2 to bolt on the ZD30 mounts for example so no cutting or welding is required.

To upgrade engine complete with the transmission you will have to find a donor car and get the complete set as fitted by the manufacturer because the mismatches around are all too common and there is nothing to make them fit if you get the 2 items from 2 different sources.....

Then there is legal paperwork hurdle you need to jump over too to get that conversion ticked off by the authorities, not sure what is the case in ACT.

So depending what is wrong with the ZD30 and how much deep you want to go to that rabbit hole the LS2 conversion is probably the best bet.


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