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Electrical troubleshooting

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So I recently purchased a swb safari 1989 24v, beautiful car although soon after purchasing the head unit stopped working along with the uhf(on a reducer) and front spotties, it happened after I charged the batteries, have checked the fuses under the steering wheel and they look fine, wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and what they did, not much of an auto electrician so any help or advise towards troubleshooting and making things work again would be great and I can't think of what to do or where to start

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I'm not familiar with 24V system in Safari but very familiar with 24V systems in heavy trucks.

I do have GQ wiring diagram but not in 24V electrical system. I found this Flicker photo copy of 24V Safari diagram ==> 24V Safari diagram

I had a quick look at that wiring diagram and it must be one of the worse one I ever looked at, (nope Renault trucks is the worse!@) but according to that one the factory install has 24V radio so if yours is 12V stereo then all is aftermarket mod which you have follow visually (wires from stereo and UHV) to get the location of the reducer

The voltage reducer aka DC converter  24 V ==> 12V for radios/UHF will still require its own fuse (24V) side,  it can contain both ignition feed and battery feed (for radio memory)  and in  most cases radio installers will include inline fuses for UHF/stereos on the 12V side as well. It is also possible that even though feed fuses for the reducers are fine the reducer itself is fried. So if that reducer is aftermarket fix than it is possible there are some inline fuses somewhere near the reducer.


The above unit is usually used for UHF radios.

My guess would be to identify why spotties don't work first ( it could be that they're on the same fused circuit as voltage reducer for the radios....... ) and then try to locate the voltage reducer (it should be alloy  box with what looks like cooling fins on it) 

Alternatively, any sparkie worth it salt should be able to identify where the problem lies.




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