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? Difference between GQ / GU td4.2 manual gear box

Rohan horkings

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Since you have GQ engine in it then I'd get that version of the gearbox and RD28 has completely different gearbox (smaller as well)  as for the differences between GQ and GU  FS5R50B changes I'm not 100% sure but are mainly product revisions and improvements and depending on which revision and ratios, later ones get upgraded 5th gear on GU4 onward. There may be some differences in bolting pattern on the bell housing but again I'm not so sure. In any case you want definitely the upgraded 5th gear assembly otherwise you'll be pulling it out again once it shears the splines off....

Nissan is not making it easy that's for sure. I'd be talking to gearbox specialist familiar with Nissan boxes first. 





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