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2000 GU ZD30 Patrol


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Hey everyone,

would just like some general mods and parts to do to my GU patrol. Am new to the 4x4 scene. Have read that they’re grenades and to look at tracking down a 4.2 engine to put in it. If so I will try and track one down but in the meantime what can I do to get by with the ZD30?

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Save your money for the TD42 conversion. There is no point trying to do anything to what I presume is high mileage ZD30 (200K +) stock/with no mods. Enjoy it while it drives and when it grenades, convert it to TD42 which you can mod up then.

You need to understand that the engine you are/would be after is TD42Ti (factory turbo charged and intercooled).  Standard TD42 is non intercooled and there are number of unscrupulous jerks out there even trying to sell non turbo charged TD42 from GQ series which isn't exactly a win.....

Anyway, to mod TD42 to get more power out will cost $$$ as it is all mechanicals, there are  no quick ECU/software fuelling changes like on ZD30.

But if you insist on wasting money on ZD30, have a look in NADS step by step guide  ,it contains everything you'll need to know. 





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