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brake pedal very soft after bleeding and adjusting

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fitted new drums and wheel clyinders to rear, new pads to frount adjusted brakes, new master clyinder, pressure bleed all wheels and cant get more than  qtr of brake pedal!!!!! any help out there would love to here, this is driving me up the wall

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I know it sounds obvious but that means you still have air in the system. Pressure bleeding the system doesn't always work OK. As an exercise try loosening each bleed nipple slightly and watch for air bubbles. Sometimes the good all fashioned manual bleeding is needed too, in correct order of course (starting from nearest cylinder to master). If your vehicle has load sensing valve make sure it is set to max opening as well before attempting to bleed the system.

I use vacuum method (own vacuum tester/gun) and finish of with manual bleeding with helper person pumping the pedal. Never had issues this way.


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