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Nissan y61

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Gday I have recently purchased a 2002 nissan patrol. Have been reading Alot about the zd30 (the grenade) engine blowing up most posts I have seen are posted back in 2012 just curious if there are any new ways to stop the engine blowing cheers 

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I'm sorry but there are  no quick fixes for ZD30 design flaws just replacement with something better.

This engine has been designed when Nissan was nearly bankrupt so only the cheapest and nastiest would pass the muster for the "bean counters."

Of course this is just my conjecture as nothing else can explain this imbecilic abomination and utter refusal of Nissan to correct it.

If ever one was to see how not to design diesel engine this is it. Its a mashup of various petrol engine 'know hows' with diesel bits thrown in from the bottom of the parts bin then checked per unit cost until cheapest is obtained.

All the info we have stands. These mods don't save the engine,  just postpone the inevitable. Thats it.

BTW the comon rail versions of this abomination 'grenade' too!


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