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2010 Jayco Swan Outback

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After 20 years of tent camping we purchased a Jayco camper last weekend. We are off to Bestbrook farmstay this weekend for its maiden voyage.

Picks will follow on Monday once I get some, plus all the info on it.

I'll do a right up of bestbrook with some piccies and costs in trips and treks aswell.

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A couple more photos from the weekends camping.

Its a pretty standard Jayco outback unit.

Full Kakadu awning

Bed Fly

Jayco battery pack - still trying to work out what size battery

90 ltr water tank

Already I've added

front pole holder

aerial and tv for the footy

Still to add

Kitchen side awning

second gas bottle holder

toolbox for chainsaw and fuel

electric water pump and tap on draw-bar

Beats tent and tarp camping hands down. 6 degrees on Monday morning - nice and warm inside.

Must admit though I do miss my swag, but would feel silly sleeping in it when there is a nice comfy bed in the van.

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Thanks mate cant complain so far. Absolutely rapt to be honest.

We looked at alot of brands and models but looking at bang for buck we couldnt pass it up.

Others might be better built, but we couldn't see it or the price diff.

We won't be going hardcore touring( 100s of ks of corrogations) so it should suit us fine.

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Nice setup!

Its nice having a few luxuries ay.

How was bestbrook? I always look in there when I'm running down to Rover etc but never got around to going there.

Good mate, the kids love it. Horse riding - hay rides- animal feeding.

There is a bit of wheeling to be had aswell. They own both sides of the road.Plus you've got spicers gap run just down the road .

You can take dogs and they have powered - unpowered or camp in the hills sites. Hot showers and toilets.

Going to give Gordon Country a try soon ( just down the road from bestbrook)- apparently up in behind the driver reviver. Looks alright on the internet.

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