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  1. Well, I'd have to say that rumcajs is about the biggest fucking wingher here! Always moaning about rays posts, fucking get over it or don't open them you tool! He's contributed shit loads more than u ever will, hope to Christ he comes back because this bloody forum is already under pressure. Same goes to a couple of u other tools in here ( not u glory your posts are great) bitching also!
  2. Im afraid we'll have no say in it anyway, australians are simply too soft!
  3. I'll happily take my containers back for the 20 cents return, where do i take them?
  4. I just bought 3 of those power saver boards, ... realised after installing 5.5kw solar im still prolly gunna be paying a bloody bill of some sort! Its amazing how much you start looking at power usage when the pressure is on, my sons computer runs at 200w, ... , which is like 3 old light bulbs running, and he leaves it on 24/7! So ive cracked the shits with that and told him to turn the damn thing off at night and when hes out, it shits him but tough luck! I roughly worked out its costing just over a buck a day to run! $90 a qtr! Ive just installed the 3 boards to my tv ent unit and my sons, and my computer with all the printers and shit. And to top it off its rained all bloody week, so much for solar power! Why are my links to aldi small? Cheers
  5. What shits me with a lot of forums these days is the way youre attacked when you post a question, like youre meant to know everything and youre a fkn idiot because you dont! I mean thats why i asked in the first place. Also when you get SEARCH!!, im sick of fkn seeing it! If we all searched the forum would near die because no one would start a thread. Im actually becoming reluctant to ask a question these days for fear of attack, whinge over! Oh yeah, this forum is cool, cheers.
  6. We had an old terrier which was pretty cool. We took him to work everyday in the ute, on arriving home one day we found he had jumped out somewhere, we figured he'd leapt out thinking we pulled up on a job site so we backtracked and there he was sitting at the intersection waiting for us, he was pretty switched on. If dogs could talk i reckon theyd be smarter than most bloody people!
  7. How many kays on the turbo when it shit?
  8. Nutta

    1 July 2012

    Well, i voted for hansen, yep a dingbat but the only hope we had, now i vote for mad katter. We're farked, this country is well and truly finished, i just hope my kids dont have kids because australia is well and truly doomed!!! @ biggqwesty, whos the next person, abbot? I get sick of hearing how fucking bad he is, what has he done wrong? Not supported gillards boat people policy? I get a bit lost hearing dribble about abbot, if i misread it sorry.
  9. I like this better ..., 7th and 8th pic down. For some reason the link shrunk tiny but its there.
  10. Nice fish, I'm flat out catching shit these days!
  11. I just signed it, not enough people sign these things.
  12. Nutta

    1 July 2012

    I can't stand that lying two faced mole! Besides the 'there will be no carbon tax, she can't even handle the bloody boat people issue! Hers is one funeral I'll be flying anywhere in Australia to be at, if I'm still here!
  13. I usually pile all my wood on the roof rack.
  14. Well my speedo is near spot on to the gps, the odo was reading around 4850 meters out of 5 k, so not far out. My best run with the 3" exhaust has been 14.6 ish a 100(no van), about the best ill ever get I suspect, still been to lazy to pump up the tyres but think they're around 37-38.
  15. If it rains all day tomorrow I might try and get mine installed. If I do I'll snap some pics, not of the farkups though!
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