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  1. Be sad to see it go. Been a great rig and will continue to be for the next owners.
  2. Bought a Colorado 7 mate. Newer, auto, still pull the camper to where we want to go and easier in the traffic as the wife's daily drive.
  3. Well. After all these years and mods it's time for the old girl to find a new home. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Patrol-2001/SSE-AD-4258400
  4. I have a 500d which or me takes nice enough photos. I don't use he ph for photos that mean something unless it happens to be an on the spot type senario. I do see your point mate, when ou travel around people just use ph's for all their photos. But like you say, how many actually get them off the phone or print them anymore. My wife was always big on processing a film as soon as it was full then adding it to the album, but she doesn't even do that anymore. It just gets transferred to the hard drive from the sd card.
  5. Hi mate. I have swapped them for manual hubs, but haven't had a chance to lock it in 4x4 since, so not sure yet if I have fixed the issue. I will update here when I know.
  6. Roof sliders hey. Nice. Be careful parking in carparks though, you may find the local skate boarders using you roof to do grinds on or whatever they call it these days lol
  7. Tyre dia should all be the same. Tyres are all the same replaced at the same time.
  8. Well I am taking a punt and getting rid of the auto hubs. New manual ones going on this weekend. Then see if that helps this. Will report back once tested.
  9. I will take a wild guess and say no. I think you will find you would have to do front guards/fenders also. I think the indicators lenses are different shape. I have been known to be wrong before though
  10. Agree with rum here. You don't always let your pressure to the same amount each time
  11. Hi guys, So my 01 gu has been having some problems from time to time, and not sure really what it is.. Scenario is. Low range, first gear, steep decent. So I am off the brakes letting motor and gearbox do its job. Then all of a sudden I hear a cluck/knock, car lurches forward for a sec, then goes back to holding its own wait. I am not sure if it is me or not but it feels like steering gets a bit tighter right before the knock. It only happens in this scenario. Low range, under acceleration is fine, it just when the wait of the car is on it. Any ideas, happy to hear them all? Cheers Olly
  12. Looks good mate. The table will be used heaps. It's the best mod I have done I reckon. I put my new/2nd hand bullbar on today.
  13. Mine is in my aftermarket Intercooler, so can't really answer your question, except to say that maybe it is just easier to take the pipe work off the car to do the job?
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