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Winch ratio

Dirt Devil

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Been looking at getting a new winch but come across these different ratios.

so, the big question, I have a Warn winch now with a 156:1 but have also seen winches with 265:1, 218:1 all with between 4.5kw and 5kw motors.

so does it make a lot of difference what you have, talking between 9000lbs and 14000lbs.



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I'd guess that ratios play important part in the power of the winch vs power of the electric motor alone.

Simple equation means that lower the ratio the less powerful electric motor is required to do the same work albeit slower.

If its the speed than higher ratio is required but more powerful motor is required.

Personally, I'd select lower ratio as speed is not important to me as well as mechanically less effort is required from the motor therefore less electrical power and less stress.......you get the point.


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