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power loss


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hi all, im having a massive loss of power in my zd30 di 2000 model, i don t have any engine lights on or fault codes, i have replaced my fuel filter, MAF sensor, air filter an a few other things that ive herd it might be my turbo is still running fine but driving along im having to over work my motor just to get it up to speed come to a hill it drops speed an i have to drop to at least 3rd just to get it up, doesnt blow any smoke whatsoever runs fine idles fine and starts fine does anyone have any insights of what i might be dealing with 

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I'd check if turbo actuator is functioning as this sounds like you have no boost. since the actuator is vacuum controlled, the most common culprit is either split hose or leaking vacuum canister/reservoir.


When engine idles the actuator lever/rod should move fully up against its stopper (do not attempt to adjust!)



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