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Im David - The owner/admin/chief

I started this place for the members of patrol4x4.com - It looks like its going to go tits up due to the server being riddled with malware infecting junk.

I have a 2002 Nissan Patrol 3.0 Turbo.. Few extras include Redarc 1220 dual battery system with a Century 100 ah deep cycle, Rear light on telescopic pole, Electric break controller, wiring for fridges, anderson plugs etc. The car has a bullbar, side steps etc - All fairly stock thou. Dont do a whole lot of 4x4 - But I do use it to pull my Explorer Camper Trailer along with the wife and kid.

I cant find a decent pic of the 4x4 atm - Will update later. I did find a pic of the trailer thou.

Day job - running a hosting busienss.


[Edit: More pics can be found


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haha - Wow - Ive never noticed that before.

That photo was taken by the previous owner just before I purchased it... There certainly is NO plasma or TV of any kind.. Going camping is my way of getting away from screens!

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