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Window auto up issues


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You are not telling which version of yours but chances are you will need to reset the limit switch.

I'm trying to upload the instructions but it seems to fail so text only:(false alarm it seems it doesn't like Firefox web browser)

Front Door Limit Switch Reset (Driver side
After each of the following operations are performed, reset the limit
switch (with built-in motor).
I Regulator removal and installation
I Removal of motor from regulator
I Operation of regulator as a single unit
I Door glass removal and installation
I Glass run removal and installation
After installing parts, proceed as follows:
1. Close the door window completely.
2. Press the reset switch and open the door window completely.
3. Release the reset switch. After making sure the reset switch
has returned to the original position, close the door window
4. The limit switch is now reset.
Be sure to manually open or close the door window. (Do not
use the automatic open-close procedures.)



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