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08 CRD patrol - Wiring Schematics


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Good morning 

TLDR; Wiring schematic and stock cable locations for the wire that feeds the water temp gauge

I've got an 08 patrol which was once a CRD 3.0 - which has been swapped out for an L98 (6.0L gen-iv LS). However the guy who merged the harness together for me made a mistake and my instrument cluster shows the water temp just under 1/3rd all the time. Its really annoying, I have to pull half the wiring harness out to fix an 02 sensor so i want to fix the water temp while im at it. Does anyone have the schematics and general location of the water temp gauge on the CRD when its stock, i have a water temp sender in the side of the block as it is already


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I'm not sure how to go about this one. There is no direct connection to IC from engine temp sender or so it seems as any reference to such arrangement only point to non CrD versions.

ZD30 CrD uses CAN link to display engine temp on IC (Instrument cluster). I'd use OBD2 interface to the engine to get that data directly from the engine via OBD scanner/LCD display or I knew a person who upgraded his stereo to full Android version and had suppost on it for OBD2 scan so he used Torque app or similar to display engine data on his stereo display, he converted ZD30 non common rail (non CrD) to LS2 engine....


Edit:  On further thought, maybe reason for temp gauge showing incorrect value is because LS temp sender has different range so you might want to get original Nissan sensor and compare resistance value accross the range. If that is the case perhaps adding additonal resistor to the circuit to compensate/change as required. 

I actually ignore IC temp sender altogether, I'm not  sure about common rail version of ZD30 but on mine the temp gauge in IC is useless cause same as Toyo the gauge doesn't adjust/change in the ranges 89-100~ C only suddenly jumps to red but by that time it is too late. This is deliberate design as to hide temp fluctuation under heavy load as it raises and falls depending on engine load but down side is that if it doesn fall back and keep raising it gives no working what is coming until in red! So I use ECUTalk LCD unit and read temps directly of engine ECU where I can see the fluctuations/raise whatever. It saved my ass few times when engine was cooking because of various reasons....I caught it early and backed off in time.




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