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Patrol Y62 shuts off while driving


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Hello all,


I am facing an issue with my Patrol Y62 for the last few weeks. Not only is it frustrating but it is also dangerous as the shuts down completely while driving without warning. I will explain below.


I took it to my mechanic but the only issue came on the OBD scanner was of a sensor for 4x4. This was replaced but the issue still exists. There is no mechanical issue with 4x4 as we tested it. 


When the car shuts off, the engine, battery, oil check lights, etc. come on like when starting the car (pic attached). Only things that run on battery power are on at the time. One time the car wouldnt start after shutting off, but did so after a while.


Also, sometimes the traction control off light with turn on (pic attached). The car behaves wierdly after this as it either jerks on changing gears or does not change gears at all.


Once the car is turned off and restarted, it runs normally until the issue comes at a random time.


It could be unrelated but these issues came up after I got an additional fan installed to stop the car from overheating and got the fuel injectors amd throttle body cleaned.


Thanks in advance.







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I'm not familiar with Y62 but this sounds like electrical issue with engine ECU. Either the power supplies or grounding which is most common issue. I'd check the related circuits, modern cars have various fusible links attached to positive terminal of the battery so check if one of those is not for engine ECU and is not compromised. If it is random but is related after the engine is fully warmed up that could possibly be the case for loose contact on the grounding for engine ECU as well.

You should check those first. As to where I have no idea as I have no access to Y62 information.

Because there are no DTCs related to engine shutdown that means loosing power supply to the engine ECU unless ECU is faulty.


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Thank you for your response.

I am thinking of removing the additional cooling fan and of the issue reoccurs as it only started after its installation.

Regarding the engine warmup, the earliest it has happened after driving 1 to 2 km after a cold start.

If I recall correctly, the mechanic mentioned power cutting off the the ECU 4 times when he was diagnosing the car



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Dear All,


I am also having the same issue. I drove a Y62 2010 model. Few months back while driving in 100-120 kmph with cruise control ON, suddenly the car had a jerking and immediately cruise control turned OFF. And first indication came on the display is of traction control. Within 2 mins all the other check lights turned ON and immediately car dropped the power and stopped in the middle of the road. I restarted the car and it started running normal. Again after 15-20 mins same issue came. there was a knocking from the differential side and gear was not moving from the 3rd. RPM was not going above 1500 i believe. This keep on coming and i consulted a garage and they were unsure about the season. Diagnosed and scanned the OBD, no faults came. Later another so called expert came, diagnosed and said the software is making the trouble and he suggested to reprogram it. I did it and it was ok for 5 months. Again i faced the same issue yesterday. Same trouble, same fault indications and same errors. I have noticed this is happening when the cruise control is ON. Don't know, maybe i am wrong. I have no idea what to do and what is the exact root cause of this. Anyone here facing the same issue? Any successful diagnosis done? what need to be checked and rectified? The so called expert technicians are lacking knowledge on identifying the exact root cause and exactly what need to be changed. Kindly advise on this. 


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