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Where to get a Riser for the Back Spare Tyre raised by 3 to 4 inches and Diesel Fuel Water Filter unit?


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I tyring to find a source where I can get 

1. Riser for the Back Spare Tyre - my bother in law got his Mitsubishi Back Tyre Riser form ARB , not sure if ARB has one for GU Y61 2012/13?

Where I buy them ? Rough idea of the cost ?

2. To fit a Diesel Fuel Water Filter unit - for further long trip to rural northern regions where there are no guarantee that they filter their diesel fuel a the Service stations?

Where to get them fitted in ACT , Queanbeyan, NSW area at a fairdinkum cost ?

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ARB used sell that raiser together with a light pole.

Could try here https://www.nissangupatrol.com/product/spare-wheel-spacer-bracket/  but is out of stock,

or here 



or here 



or indeed here




The raiser is mixed blessing as if you have not found out the barn door cracked yet that spacer will make sure it will crack!  The only fix is to get the door frame reinfoced before it cracks or get that wheel off the door and get rear bar with wheel carrier.

As for the additonal filter, well good luck with that one.  I'd get this instead https://www.mrfunnel.com/Mr._Funnel/Home.html which you can buy from Bunnings ==>



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