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CRD Intercooler Fan

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This is what I did to install a fan under the intercooler of my CRD.

This is the shroud before mounting of the fan:


Top view of fan mounted on shroud:


Bottom view of fan mounted on shroud:


Bottom view of shroud with spacer bars attached:


View of fan attached to intercooler ( I used long bolts that went through both flanges on the intercooler to help even the load on the housing):


View of fan with thermostat switch attached:


View of installed unit in vehicle:


This little sucker (wiring loom) took a little longer to make:


All in all, it works very well, but recently I've developed a few leaks which I've fixed, but I'm not sure how long it will be before I need to replace the intercooler.



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I've got the same fan winging it's way in from the US at present (well the length of time it's taking it might be on a sail boat) - how hot does it get under there? would i get away with using plastic as the shroud?

I don't really know how hot it gets, but I think plastic would likely distort and move, and cause all sorts of issues. As I pointed out in another post, I've developed some small cracks at the cooling tube/header tank interface and I think that's because I wasn't careful enough with tensioning everything up. With a plastic frame, I don't think you'll be able to tension things well at all and the entire assembly will be able to flex an aweful lot. An aluminium sheet provides the lightest weight and highest rigidity for this purpose.



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