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  1. Done! Look after yourselves. I won't be looking at the forum any more, so posting anything and thinking that I'll respond will be pointless. Cheers Ray
  2. ...I'm simply keeping the majority happy and so I'm only going to post on topics relevant to 4WDs as requested (if I have anything meaningful to contribute that is). You wanted a change, now you have it. Cheers Ray
  3. I've been refraining from raising political issues aka Labor/Libs etc, but this topic wasn't so much political as an observation as to how distorted our aid programs can be. Next time Oxfam comes knocking on one's door looking for donations to save some poor African village, you can ask them if the donation is going to provide the basic things that we enjoy, or more buckets with strings attached. But I also get bagged for raising threads about technology, trying to provide information that might be useful and which isn't directly 4WD related. This will end up being like most 4WD clubs I've been in; a whole bunch of people who sit back and never say or do anything, a committee that dictates everything according to their views, and a few vocal people who contest those views and have a desire to bolster the club, but who eventually leave in disgust because the it's not what the committee wants to hear. Cheers Ray
  4. You definitely benefit from a larger SSD, I can open Photoshop on my tablet as fast as I can on my PC (which doesn't have an SSD). The Samsung 830 and Intel 330 are reasonably good value for 120GB drives. Here's a link to some interesting stats about SSD failure rates (it doesn't include the Samsung) and the overall rates may appear small and it's only collected, but they can still be significant: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4202/the-intel-ssd-510-review/3. This is the original source: http://www.hardware.fr/articles/810-6/taux-pannes-composants.html, with interesting figures on regular hard disk drives. Cheers Ray
  5. I wasn't justifying myself, but more responding to the backtracking that happened after I put the challenge. This forum is dying in the arse for lack of input, if I post things that some feel are controversial, that may be partly to see if anyone is awake as well as seeing if anyone is thinking about more than the latest mud tyres review. I might as well refrain from posting anything, as each item seems to piss someone off. I've run out of ideas, over to all of you. Cheers Ray
  6. Your call. I make no bones about the fact that I can be controversial, and I actually enjoy the fact that I'm not meek and mild or conform to anyone's norms. That has caused many a confrontation over the years in both work and play, as a number of my friends can attest, but I refuse to back down on what I believe in. However, I'm not locked in my ways; convince me that my views are wrong and I'll change my views and support you to the death. I've said exactly that to several of my past bosses, and my bosses bosses, with whom I've had violent disagreements. My attitude and views on life also creates confrontation on forums, but if I'm prepared to call my boss a cock, I'm hardly likely to worry about expressing my views on any forum. You judge me not knowing what I've actually done and what I know, but by what you assume. You don't like what I say, but you don't debate the facts or issues that I present. I put time and effort into everything that I post, give yourself credit and do the same. Cheers Ray
  7. SSDs are suitable for any device that supports a hard drive, unfortunately, every tablet that I know of, other than my Gigabyte, will not support a 2.5" hard drive. Anything Android or iPad will have no upgrade ability. Anything Windows based may have upgrade ability. The thing is that Android and iPad have been designed as social networking devices, as is the forthcoming Windows 8 RT, so there's no need to support system upgrades of any of these devices. Cheers Ray
  8. This forum, like every other, has a General section where any topic, within the forum rules, can be discussed. It's not for you, me or anyone else (except for the admin/s) to decide what is appropriate or not. If one does not like a particular topic or has no real interest in it, ignore it; or if you can't ignore it, at least contribute in a meaningful sense and bring value to the discussion. When I raise a post, it's because it genuinely means something to me and may mean something to many others. A forum like this, as well as the Patrol4X4 forum, brings together a wide range of people, viewpoints and even cultures. These are the types of forums where you can express views and get contrarian views which you can debate and agree on or not. It's the campfire experience that you have when you're not around the campfire. The very reason that I raise some of these issues is because I want to hear what others think, discuss and raise awareness of issues that affect us all. We have a common ground, but we can still have opposing views. Sometimes, immediate 4WD issues and the like are the least of our long-term worries. And honestly, if all we ever want to think or talk about is the latest 4WD modification or accessory, then we're all brain dead. Cheers Ray
  9. Tell you what. All that's required is for two other people to confirm that I'm nothing but a troll and that I should piss off from this forum, and I shall be gone forever. What do you offer? I'll make a completely separate post shortly, so that no one on this forum misses this challenge. Let the voting shortly begin. Cheers Ray
  10. Your latest post addresses some of the subject matter, but once again you lose touch by exaggerating things. The third world does need reliable services, as well as modern equipment to provide what we take for granted. It won't happen overnight, but it's a fact that progress has been resisted by aid organisations for years. I'm not just talking about Africa, but other countries as well. India, for example, is now actively working to bring themselves out of that third world state, but many associated with the Greens (I use 'Greens' to represent any environmental or similar group opposing progress or what may affect their profits) condemn activities that may modernise the third world. Here's an extract from a UK Channel 4 broadcast of 1997: http://www.ourcivilisation.com/aginatur/prog2.htm. There are many other examples about, but the basic Green's tenet is to keep the third world in its current state, progress is to be avoided at all costs. However, it appears that you've revealed your colours. Cheers Ray
  11. There must be something in the water up your way. Cheers Ray
  12. This is another example of why I hate the Greens and the general green movement: http://inhabitat.com/up-stream-is-foot-powered-washing-machine-made-from-recycled-materials-that-costs-just-4/. Greens just love to come up with ideas to help third world countries, to stay third world countries, by developing manual tools for the poor, suffering, people, rather than pushing for electricity, motorised tools and equipment etc. The noble savage must retain their dignity. Cheers Ray
  13. And on que: http://www.theage.com.au/national/car-pollution-puts-child-health-at-risk-20120721-22gyt.html. I read a report somewhere that suggested kids were becoming more prone to all sorts of problems because they live in virtual clean rooms for most of their important developing life and fail to get immunity like kids of yesteryear did. Cheers Ray
  14. The iPad is probably the best for that at the moment. I believe that a lot of photographers use it for a lot of what you want to do. But you may be better off looking at some of the lightweight netbooks, Macbook air or any Windows flavour. Cheers Ray
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