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Hi all on the other site and I like the smaller sites do here I am .

This is the troll it's only a 2.8 but it does have most of the bells and whistles so it can go most places and I like to do all the work myself being a mechanic

The troll has arb lockers front and rear sitting on 285/75/16 copper st 4 inch lift that consists of kings spring and raw shocks which I'm changing out for some remote res I think it has a genuine steel bull bar with a 12000lb winch fitted that I have a remote control kit to fit led running lights in the bar with two sets of spottiies lightforce 240 and just some small spread beams half roof rack with 35w hid spots on the rear it sports a twin spare carrier with led work light inside it has roof console with UHF and DVD screen has a DVD player etc in the dash with egt boost and gearbox temp gauges in the wagon area you will find a half built draw system (no photos of this) that has a arb fridge and five draws and a kitchen with a third battery in the back in the front end the motor has a chip and 2.5 exhaust system and snorkel

Thats really about all I used to make big brake upgrades for patrol but for the time bein the std setup is working fine so that will stay




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Yeah good rig having issues with it at the moment but will sort that out

Just have to fit the parts that are piling up at my place so far there is a water trap filter lift pump heavy duty full metal radiator fridge slide for my kitchen in the back led lights for the rear fit out winch remote control pryo gauge hook up dump pipe fitted and the water bladder boxing finished off

Then I need to make the decision to fit a long range belly tank before I go away or not

All this to do in less than a month so I have time to test

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