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  1. G'day Russ,

    mate I came across your patrol LS conversion while investigating doing one for myself (great job!) I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing what your thoughts on it are now after a few years have gone by? Anything you might have done differently, any key points of advice etc? 

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Had a photo shoot with Graham Cahill from 4wd Action a little while back which is in issue #204 Sent while temporally motionless
  3. Decided to head out for a play today, The recent rains have made the tracks that bit more challenging. The first hill of the day saw me destroying a sway bar link. You will hear it go in the vid . Then headed over to the quarry for a play Sent while temporally motionless
  4. Got the car on the dyno today. The car tuned up great, runs real sweet. I wasn't able to get the figures I wanted due to the restriction of the factory air box. The 35's also caused a great loss in the figures Sent while temporally motionless
  5. Yeah running 4.11 normally sit around 1900-2000 rpm at 100 in 5th Sent while temporally motionless
  6. How's it going mate, the car pulls like a freight train. I used Rossi mechanical for my report. Sent while temporally motionless
  7. Seeing as I can't sleep and I'm bored out of my brain, I figured I would play with some editing software. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vukNu_tQ9ys Sent while temporally motionless Sent while temporally motionless
  8. Unless you have a locker engaged you will still only get 2wd. The drive is set to the wheel with the least amount of traction, in the situation you are talking about it would send the drive to the axle that didn't have the hub locked. There is nothing wrong using L4 at the boat ramp to pull the boat from the water, once clear of the area requiring maximum traction you can always go back to 2H, nothing wrong with driving in 2wd with the hubs locked for the short distance to the rigging area. Sent while temporally motionless
  9. Well the car is now all engineered and licensed and performing brilliantly. Here is a short vid from a trip last weekend.
  10. I believe the ones with the standard nissan offset came from a 4.8L wagon and the Rims from a 3.0L Ute they are exactly the same in all dimensions except for the offset. It's not really to bad as I run 2 sets of wheels. Once the car has gone over the pits both sets will be getting sold and I will put aftermarket ones back on Sent while temporally motionless
  11. How's it going mate the nuts are 100% the correct ones for the rims. As for the offsets both sets of rims are 17x8 factory alloys so not sure as to why they have different offsets. Sent while temporally motionless
  12. On a side topic I have 10 factory rims with 2 different offsets, anybody heard why this would be the case? Sent while temporally motionless
  13. Got a phone call this evening from my wife telling me there was a noise coming from the car, luckily she had the sense to stop driving as the rear passenger wheel was very close to separating from the car, I'm talking a few threads left on each nut,what pisses me the most is that all nuts on all the wheels where torqued up to the factory specs on Thursday when I put the factory rims and tyres on. Now seeing that Nissan brought out there cheap gay solution of those pretty little caps, I guess I will have to torque my wheel nuts up every 2-3 days. Not real impressed I can tell you. Guess i'll be going back to aftermarket rims again. Rant over. Sent while temporally motionless
  14. DI will have a silver cover around the intercooler and a spin on fuel filter the CRD has a black cover and an all in one fuel filter. Sent while temporally motionless
  15. Here is a few pics from the first trip since the conversion Sent while temporally motionless
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