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Fuel leaking near injector fuel return line on top of manifold

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Hi out there. I am stuck in Arkaroola ,Gammon Ranges, SA with a bad fuel leak on top of the engine. Seems to be the fuel return line on injector 2 as it is not under pressure but fills the cup underneath in minutes of driving. I need to drive hard as i am towing a caravan over rough corrugated roads so i need to load the engine to maintain 80kmh and when i do this the fuel flows out. Any suggestions. It appears after talking to mechanics here that it may be a simple oring seal one one or more of the return line points. Is this an easy fix as i do have a box full of black orings that may fit. they could help me get the 100+ kms to a mechanic at Copley. The mechanics here are unable to help me and suggested calling the RACQ whom I belong to but the roads here are worse than expected and i dont like the idea of anyone other than me towing my van over these roads. Research of recent posts told us the roads were suitable for all manner of vans and were in good condition but if you see all the tyre blowouts here and damage to vehicles this is plainly incorrect. We passed 4x4s stranded with double blowouts. I need to tow my van as i ensure the tyres miss as many sharp rocks as i can and i criss-cross the road to avoid the bad corrugations which are killing my van. Any advice to fix this or identify the issue are most welcome. I have videos and photos of the issue if that helps. I cant really see exactly where the leak is coming from but it does not seem to be the high pressure side of the injector lines. Thanks Colin





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Opinion from others nearby is that it most likely is the pressure side of the injector leaking via the thread on the lower nut. I figure that it would not be a good idea to pull out the injector to attempt to repair a leaking seal as i do not have a replacement nor the files to load for the electric trim control. Would i be right to assume this If so i might try to drive the 99kms of rough road out of here  at 60kmhand hope for the best?  I can then reach Copley at low revs along the Outback Hwy which is sealed.

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Mate, I know it is a bit late reply, I think the leak is from leak off line, either from one of the sealing washer under the banjo fitting or the line itself. 

Anyway, let us know what it turned out to be... 


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