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Shimmie/Shudder/Vibration through steering wheel


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I have a 2003  Nissan Patrol, ST GUIII 5 speed Manual, Diesel Turbo 3.0L with 310,000kms and all of a sudden there was a shimmie/shudder/vibration through the steering wheel.  I checked tyres and yes due for a change so bought 4 new All Terrain TOYO's.  Included was balance and wheel alignment.  Same issue remained.  It usually happens at 40 kph, 60 kph and 80 kph, but not always.  I took it to a steering and suspension specialist and initially they tried by just replacing Leading Arm Bushes, The Front Body Mount - Bushing Kit Bumper, and the Superpro Panhard bar bush.  No improvement.  They then replaced the Steering Damper, Front and Rear Shock Absorbers.  If just rolling along not under great amount of power it seems OK with no shudder, however under power it does seem to be worse  - SOMETIMES.  

Don't no where to go from there.  Have heard of others with similar issue and were unable to rectify.  The vehicle is otherwise near perfect, so would like to keep it.  Any help appreciated.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum,

I have same issue mine is 2005 GU4 series with less km though....Welcome to the dreaded wheel wobble/s issues affecting almost everyone. Mine happens very noticeably around 80 km/h and gets worse under load. I've noticed that turning steering wheel side to side can either stop it or induce it worse, usually steering right will bring it on with a vengeance.  It started to happen when I rotated wheels around and got worst over the time, tyres on mine are muddiess and they're are getting worn and due for replacement. So for now I just live with it.

 Some change/modify swivel hub offset using aftermarket kit which supposedly fixes the issue but I still thing primary reasons are unbalanced tyres, or worn/loose wheel/hub bearings or indeed swivel hub bearings are worn and loose so removing the shims will just preload them more masking the issues.

Forums are full of fixes but none are 100% proof. 

See this ==>  https://www.patrol4x4.com/threads/wheel-wobble-final-fix-with-poll-sometimes-referred-to-as-death-wobbles.343130/

Watch this video too ==> it has very good pointers just think first...


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