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Forum Help? i dunno what to title it.


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every time i come on here, regardless of what computer i use..

it always logs me off?

even tho i click remember me?

is that a forum issue or something else?

ive checked all my settings on the laptops and they are all good.

only happens on this site, none of the others that i am on.



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What browser are you using?

If it's IE, go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Sites and type in the web site address. If the forum is open, you should be able to start typing mypatrol and it will appear in the dialogue box. Click Allow and it will be added to the Managed websites lists and won't disappear.

If it's Firefox, go to Tools/Options/Privacy/Exceptions and do the same as for IE and click Allow.

I might add that for security sake, everyone should do the following:

For IE - go toTools/Internet Options/Privacy/Advanced and select Override automatic cookie handling, check Block in both First and Third-party Cookies, and check Always allow session cookies.

For Firefox - go to Tools/Options/Privacy, select Always use private browsing mode and deselect Accept third-party cookies (check accept cookies from sites).

Only allow permanent cookies from sites that you trust.



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