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Thats not a truck..


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This is a truck.. and its my office.


and it folds out into this.. transformers eat ya heart out


yep thats a full blown operating telstra shop :)

this was the view out of my office last event


Margaret River WA Surf Comp.

Its a hard life fellas. We do lots of v8 events, surf comps etc. If you ever spot it pop in and say hello. ( im the fat bloke who does the entire audio, video data technical set up )

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BigPond Bluey

Australia's biggest mobile, interactive product experience marquee, the Telstra 'Bluey' is a one of a kind, two storey, high-tech Telstra and BigPond experience for fans.

Drop into Bluey while your at the track and get connected.

Some cool stats about Bluey

  • Travelled over 43,000kms
  • Attended 119 event days
  • Visited every state and territory (excluding ACT)
  • Bluey is the second-biggest truck of its kind in the world
  • The truck's floor space when erected is 180m2, almost the size of the average Australian house at 227.6m2

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