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  1. RIP my friend....
  2. Who owns the blue one and where did he get that roof rack
  3. i watched the movie - it was great
  4. Big rig, could u do a thread on the exhaust fit with pics?
  5. This... PERFECT. THANK YOU ALL. i love learing about my truck!
  6. Definitely not, mechanics rape me everytime. They see me coming from postcodes away
  7. Will be trying these things tomorrow, dont know where id be without u guys. Thanks
  8. Thanks rum, if i do that and fuel doesn't come out then what should i look at then?
  9. Guys help me out here i need to understand the principle of what goes on along the fuel line. What pushes the diesel to the fuel filter or does the injection pump pull it in? Reason im asking is i just spent an hour trying to pump diesel into the filter (nut open) and no fuel comes out the bleeder hose underneath. So i removed the fuel filter and reattached the hand pump to the fuel lines. Now i tried pumping fuel out again minus the filter, still nothing.
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