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Black Range Forest Trip 20-05-12

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Well I hope this is the right section... I wanted to share my recent trip and a little report I suppose :D

I started off going down Maroondah Hwy all the way past the main town of Buxton and then cut through via Glendale Ln and onto Friday creek rd. Then I circled all around Old Sec Rd and some others roads, not following my map for a while until I got to the plantation (and a little lost lol) and got back down to the loop - which is where all the over head lines are in the pics below.

I also went through Jacksons Bk, Mohican Bk and a bit of other stuff off Black Range Rd.

It was a fun day so hope you like the pics even though I didn't really take many as I was by myself.

Some nice views:


Ready to head down...


I've been trying to find a good spot to max out my flex and I did it by accident here lol yay not bad for a 3 inch front flex




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