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I wish I could understand art


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Invisible: Art about the Unseen 1957 – 2012, which opens on June 12 and has been billed as "the best exhibition you'll never see", is designed to show how the goal of art is to stimulate people's imagination rather than merely present interesting things for them to look at.

Among the chief attractions is a bare pillar which Andy Warhol once briefly stepped on, which Mr Rugoff said would allow viewers to be in the presence of the artist's "celebrity aura".

There are two works by American conceptual artist Tom Friedman: 1000 Hours of Staring, a blank piece of paper which Mr Friedman made into art by looking at it repeatedly over a five-year period, and Untitled (A Curse), an empty space which has been cursed by a witch.

Other exhibits include...a movie by Jay Chung which he spent two years shooting with no film in his camera.


Then again, maybe I could create art that is as inspiring as that at said gallery. Now where's my old film camera?



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