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It started out as nothing more than an innocent detour.....


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....just myself and my son on the way home from the footy.

The track seemed OK, a little slushy in spots but plenty of grip beneath so I hadn't locked the auto hubs or deflated the STT's at all and we were just chatting away not particually paying attention.

Before I knew it, the climb up out of the gully I had just mindlessly entered was a lot steeper and slippery than I had given it credit and we weren't going anywhere.

I tried reversing, but the GU just slewed to the side and before we knew it we were at a diagonal angle and in trouble, so it was out to let the tyres down and have another go...

...all I achieved was sliding further back down into the gully, so I powered it up in reverse in the hope that it might put me partially up the other side for another run up....

How wrong, we were now off the track in the muddy creek at the bottom and stuck in clay up to the rear diff!

To cut to the chase, it took four full length cable pulls from the Aldi winch to get us to the point where there was enough traction to keep moving, lesson learnt! (well several really)

If I had gone into it prepared I would have more than likely made it through without much drama, I was halfway up the hill initially with tight tyres and in high range, but the tyres I think are the main weakness, they are now at 50% and really only good for day to day and sand work, and once STT's fill with clay they are next to useless anyhow.

So it's time to bite the bullet and buy some play tyres for winter that offer extremely good grip in mud and clay, but as I only have 2" lift and run standard ratio diffs I don't want to go over 33".

What would the recomendation be, simex or silverstone extemes and how much improvement will I expect considering I won't be gaining any ground clearance?

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I have a few sets of wheels, one being 35" muddies, they fit great on a 2" lift, if you can get some spare rims keep both, one for the road and the others for bashing.

The muddies can be bloody noisy on tar!


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