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Handy Gauge and Feedback Testing Addition


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Being someone who has never subscribed to the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" way of thinking, I am constantly looking for little ways to improve things (actually that is my job only I do it with Filling and Packaging machinery).

You will often hear people come back to a poster saying check your gauges they must be out and in the case of clutch and brake, what vacuum do you have? Well I have a simple temporary solution which doesn't require drilling holes in a perfectly good vehicle and / or permanently adding more gauges on or around the dash.

I installed a small 1/8th BSP stainless steel 3 way ball valve under the bonnet to which Vacuum and Boost are connected. When I installed my needle valve I run an extra line into the cab which terminates just underneath my homemade pillar pod this serves as the common exit of the 3 way.

I have very simple 1/8th BSP vacuum and 0-30 pressure gauges setup on 4mm 1/8th BSP barb fittings which can be pushed into the line and hung on the dash for occasional testing purposes, nothing fancy no lights bells or whistles. I find it quite handy and I can switch between sides of the IC easily to mix and match the info I'm after.

I also use the same pressure gauge to check fuel flow post fuel filter, but not via the 3 way. I am currently looking for a simple, value, compound gauge to further simplify the matter.

Below: 3 way valve mounted on the same bracket I fabricated for the relocation of the vac surge tank during my Cross Country IC install, you may not have the tank but the mounting position is still there. If you are still running the engine cover you will need to mount somewhere else for access.


The spare line termination can be seen to the right and b elow the EGT gauge.


The 2 gauges I use, soon to be replaced by a small simple compound gauge.


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