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  1. Hi Mate, PM sent with email address, I don't use this system anymore I work with another system which gives me good step-less limp control, After a few mods I finished up with 3 limp zones of which the FCD could only control 1, now I can control all limp zones plus add fuel to other areas, it has worked very well for quite a few years now and I have built well over 20 of them for guy's in Australia, various parts of Europe and South America. Cheers Rosco
  2. When you say extreme power loss, is it intermittant or constant? If intermittant, what are the circumstances? I wonder if the damage to the fan shroud has sent a bit of junk into the crank angle sensor and upset it. Hmm! you drove right past my place on the way from Fraser to the Gold Coast. I wouldn't worry too much about the oil mist on the IC they just about all weep at some stage.
  3. Love to Love you Baby - Donna Summer (double points)
  4. My dipstick snapped in half...................... from an old short out on the battery terminal.............. Bloody hell
  5. Strange, not all Torx head screws holding the MAF in place have the pin, mine didn't and the replacement screws that came with the new MAF didn't either, but I know of another GUII that has it. Anyway it's a number 20 torx bit and be a bit careful when reinstalling as the thread is not that hard to strip.
  6. Firstly, if the IC Scoop was in a High Pressure zone it would bloody well fill up with leaves and other rubbish, in the 12 years I have owned mine I honestly can't remember the last time I pulled a leaf from the IC. On a recent trip to SA a leaf came down on the vehicle while I was sitting on 100k, the leak folded over the top of the scoop and slid from side to side during cornering until it unhooked it self and blew over the top. I watched this with interest for several minutes trying to analyse what was happening, and I think the proof was there, as I've always put forward the scoop is on the periphery of the high pressure zone, allowing it to collect cool air but not the garbage that can be in it. Whether this is planned or accidental does not matter one iota. From my vid above you will see there is no evidence of spill or back pressure, what air goes in is getting away very cleanly. During high summer I did a test on mine where I measured the inlet temp and exit temp and I found 10C differential with my Cross Country, from memory the ambient was 38C that day. So to me the argument becomes academic, it works, whether you have bullbar/fishing rod holders/Driving lights or a partridge in a pear tree. Also note there is a difference in shape between the early GU's and the later CRD bonnets, there is a crease depression about 120mm in front of the scoop, this may change the reaction between the two, but I would not think it too significant.
  7. Greasy oil, general check over and the bonnet air flow test and kept out of trouble with the Missus, not a bad day.
  8. There is a thread on Patrol 4x4 re this that has some interesting things going on. I did this test some years ago before bonnet mounted cams. Having just replaced my bonnet protector, this new one has a more aggressive upsweep so decided to do the test again inspired by the OP (Isha) from Patrol 4x4 thread, now I have a Contour HD cam, so I can document it. The test was done at 40-60-80k with a slight hold at each speed. I have always mounted the wool in the opposite direction for these tests so the effect is a little more evident. The flow into the airscoop is quite good, there is no evidence of back pressure which would cause the wool strands directly in the mouth to lift. You may notice the wool strand in the mouth on the far side has a tendency to flip a strand outside the scoop but then it immediately returns. Curvature of the bonnet and the fact the air scoop is offset to the bonnet centre line has a tendency to force the air to the left and right of centre, so this would explain why the far side throws a strand out and the inner doesn't. I am quite convinced the standard airscoop does its job correctly regardless of Bullbar, fishing rod holders, etc. As to whether a bigger scoop gets more air through well it should but is it enough to make a significant difference to EGT, I don't know, suffice to say that my EGT's are sometimes that low I wonder whether it is too low, have seen them at 210C at 100k cruising, that's not normal but it has happened. Interestingly after one of my tests the wool strands in the mouth faced backwards all of a sudden, the thermo fan under the IC had just cut in. EDIT: When I fitted my Cross Country IC I took particular care in sealing around the IC to ensure the maximum amount of air went through the IC and not around it.
  9. Bump, can we get a few more petition signers please. Cheers
  10. You would be looking at about 4 - 5 hours of labour if you just drop the truck off, That's what I'm going to do, I'm too old to be playing with diffs now.
  11. Even if you never get the chance to go to a spot like this, please read the attached letter (petition) and make up your own mind. If you agree please send it on to Tony Burke through the link, myself, many others and people in the future will thank you. I have been lucky enough to visit the outer reefs on a couple of occasions and loved every minute of it I've walked on and popper fished on coral keys 200k offshore. Green Groups have been trying for years to lock up this area. Many of the greens groups would not have a bloody clue what it actually looked like. I wrote to the Government in 2009 about this when rumours were first surfacing of an impending close, I still have the letter telling me I would always be able to enjoy catch and release fishing up there, well guess what, he lied. The government is so marginalised that they will pander to anyone to get a vote, this is a classic case. As said above, even if you never get the chance to go there please consider those who may. Catch and release fishing has been self regulated for many years by the very few operators who work that area and it is working very well, these guy's are in the business, so if they kill an area they kill their business, there are still bloody big fish to be caught out there, I know I bare the scars. I know Damon from Nomad and he is totally dedicated to keeping these reefs pristine, why wouldn't he, it's his livelihood and our enjoyment. This government says it wants to lead the world in marine protection, what a load of crap it wants to stay in power and will sacrifice whoever/whatever is necessary to achieve that end. This has nothing to do with marine parks but does have a lot to do with appeasing a voting demographic who are mainly filled with people have no idea what actually happens in the Coral Sea or any other marine park for that matter. And always keep in mind "What's Next". Thanks for reading this far into it, I will be sending my own letter to Burke reminding him of the lies his Government told me in 2009. Fisho's have the numbers in this country but we are generally an apathetic lot, please lets use our numbers to send a message. Regards Geeyoutoo http://nomadsportfis...e-Petition.html
  12. I have just had a quote for $380 for a Lokka, so there's not a lot of difference, personally one of these would be my choice and they are not that expensive. Makes a lot of sense to me.
  13. Rocky Mountain High - John Denver
  14. Well, I don't know, I've had 16 years of auto hubs without an issue, mud, sand, shale, rock, the whole 9 yards, guess I must just be lucky.
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