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With the weather we had the other day, and if we get more of the same again this winter, I reckon it'll have a major effect on High Country access come summer. Our area alone, which didn't get the briunt of the rain and winds, had trees falling down all over the place and huge amounts of water flowing in the valleys, which will ultimately cause more erosion and landslips that haven't been repaired from the storms we had last September. The DSE is not going to go into the High Country to clear any tracks until summer and I wouldn't be surprised if they closed tracks early and once again keep them closed past the normal opening dates. Judging by what's reported here, things look worse than what occurred last year:

The mayor of Latrobe City Council, Ed Vermeulen, said he had never seen flooding like it in the community. ''It's the worst flooding I have seen in all my lifetime here,'' he said. ''I have lived here 60 years.''




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