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My 91 gq fuel usage

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Well I've just completed my first tank after running injector cleaner threw. And I've just calculated my usage... And a good mix of town, highway and towing has come out at 14.5L/100K..

So I think that's pretty good. I'm hoping the snorkel and exhaust will improve it again..

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That does Sound very reasonable.

On a country trip with no load the best mine has done is 10L/ 100.

When Loaded up with the family and crap it does about 12/12.5

When loaded up with the family, trailer and a ton of crap and being dragged over mountain ranges, It has Sucked 18.

I think around the City is about 12 as well. I never really measure it much. Fueling the thing myself i'm only really interested in range rather than economy per se.

The little frog car gets 6.5 Loaded to the gunwhales with the family and their crap on a country run and that's on Veg. Dino has a higher energy rate so it would be down to 6L/ 100 easy. You can go a long way on a 65L tank at either rate!

Thats good because there isn't any room for loading in an extra 200L like I do with the troll but in any case I'd only need to load about half in for the same range.

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