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  1. My processing setup is mainly an all in one although due to the oil I have been getting of late and the fact I don't want to store loads of it due to ( Finally) moving house soon, I have an open top drum I am pre filtering with. This is just an open top 44 that I got some felt like material the Mrs didn't want any more ( but it was a Lovely shade of purple when she bought it 10+ years ago) that I put in the drum with a deep pocket and secured with a Cheap Tie down strap. The drum has a Bung I welded in at the bottom. When the thing is about half full ( as the felt goes about half way down
  2. Airbag related wiring is always wrapped in bright yellow sheathing as well. This should be on the bag, under the dash and on the sensors.
  3. A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine woke up in the night to the sound of running water. Getting up to investigate he put his feet on the bedroom floor and the water was almost ankle deep. The flexible hose on the bathroom sink tap had blown out and the mat was covering the drain hole so the water spilled out all through the house by the time he heard it and woke up. Major problems and ruined contents. Tonight the Mrs was cooking dinner and panicked when she saw "smoke" coming out of the sink cupboard. Opening it she got sprayed with hot water. When we cleared the sodden mess out, t
  4. I sold mine. The old girl anyway. Been keeping it around and going to do it up for my son but he's not really interested especially since experiencing the turbo power of the new one. I sold it not running and no rego and had a heap of people ring for it. 1st guy to come look Bought it on the spot and had a tow truck come and take it away within 2 hours. Always sad to see an old vehicle go. That thing never gave me one bit of trouble and the only money I spent on it was tyres and rego. I even got a Grand more for the thing than I paid for it. The new one goes in for a new HD clut
  5. Heres a Vid of the baby in action going to work on an old alternator I was going to take to scrap. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS47JZl--Qs I'm half Inclined to take the thing up the wrecking yard when I visit in a couple of weeks and try it on an engine just for chits and giggles. I reckon I could knock one over in 30 Min without much problem. Might have to set it up on some wire to let the ally drip through and catch the steel bits. Might even make an interesting bit of wall art for the workshop.
  6. Just saw this topic has come to light again. I have been running the Turbo Troll at 11 PSI after purchasing one of those little boost controller things. Best $40 ever spent! The thing spools up SOOOO much quicker now and transformed the thing. It's so much better off the lights and a real torque monster down low. THE Boost controller seems to have done as advertised and stopped a lot of the wastegate creep down low. I dialed the thing up to 20 Psi for a couple of trips round the block but it didn't make much difference. There is enough air at 11 Psi to burn all the fuel I want to put i
  7. I mentioned an SLR to an army bloke once and he thought I was talking about a gun. Self Loading Rifle as they are known in that trade. I was doing some pics of a mates girlfriend the other day and he was wandering around outside snapping pics of my junk with his phone. He loaded them to that instagram thing and sent me the link. I hope he doesn't take up photography, I wouldn't like to compete with his artistic skill. I told him I thought he had a real good eye for things but of course he just thought I was trying to be nice. Ya think after 20 years he'd have learnt I'm never nice ab
  8. I half caught an ad on TV the other night for a phone with some new Mega camera built in. I can't remember the MP but it seemed huge for a phone. Don't watch much TV ( maybe an hour a week) so I haven't seen it since but obviously the Camera thing is proving to be a big accessory on phones. I printed a Photo taken under ideal conditions ( bright sunlight) from my sons Iphoney4. Did it close to it's native size of 6x8 and It wasn't bad at all I have to say. Unfortunately it seems that most pics I see people take are in terrible lighting that no camera would do well with. A friend of m
  9. My son Finished school this week and had his formal on Monday and graduation today. On monday night there were about 50 Kids and proud parents all converged on a teachers house where they caught a Vintage Bus to go into the function in the city. Out of all the parents there, I saw on little P&S camera. Everyone else was snapping away madly on their phones. Today it was about 1500 parents and while I saw maybe 20-30 real cameras and only a few SLR's, again there were HUNDREDS of people squinting into their phones ( and a few Iplads) Snapping away at what really were a fine Bunch o
  10. Seriously I wouldn't worry about a turbo timer. They have been pretty conclusively debunked as being of no benefit other to the people peddling them to get richer. Modern turbos and oils don't suffer the same fate as older style turbos and I can't think of a single manufacturer that fits a turbo timer to any new vehicle despite how many there are these days. I was going to fit one to my truck but then I read up on them and to my mind the evidence was overwhelming they are a load of guff. My own truck has been without one for 20 years and hasn't stuffed the turbo yet without one so why b
  11. Well it's been a while but I recently built the scariest burner of all so far. It's doing 300Kw which isn't a huge leap from the smaller one in output but it is when your standing next to the barstard! The elbow on the top of the Burner is 4" and it's full of fast moving flame. I think this one could go possibly as high as 500KW but I have maxed out the air on the industrial blower. I made the intake 2" for better airflow and the blower gets the air in at much lower pressure than with the little one. If I could supply more air, then I could also introduce more fuel and get more heat.
  12. Glow plugs are a possibility but I have also heard from an NRMA road service guy in the country that the diesel blends are particularly off this winter. Apparently there was a lot of the normal " Summer" diesel still going out recently instead of the winter or alpine blends and that was causing a LOT of diesel issues. When I visited my uncle recently in Northern inland NSW, he mentioned the same thing. In some of the cooler inland areas, loads of people were having trouble getting their vehicles started because of thick or solidified fuel. What was really pissing the cockys off was when the
  13. I'd like to upgrade the Alternator on the TD 42. There are so many higher amp and far cheaper thing is I could use but the problem is the vac Pump. Wondering if anyone knows of any electrical or mechanical ( belt) driven pumps I could use to replace the one on the alt that wouldn't cost as much as a new alt with pump to start with? Other than that, anyone know of any relative straightforward ways of adding a 2nd alt? I thought I read of something one time but don't remember how it went.
  14. Yeah. But the thing is so much damn fun to drive! Mine is very conservative at only 11 PSI, i'd like to see how some of these ones that people have dialed up go! On the highway mine is doing about 3-4 PSI @110 Km/h. As soon as you touch the throttle the boost maxes out in about a second and the thing starts pulling and lifts the front end. The sensation of a block of flats being hurled down the road always brings a smile to my face. At highway speeds the response is instant and the 100 up acceleration is impressive for a vehicle it's size. So far it's been a case of any hill
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