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Any Facewaste experts able to help me?


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My daughter just gave me a crash course in face waste and all I can say is What in the F*8#k is wrong with people to spend time on that garbage????

But anyway, as it's so inexplicably popular, I want to utilise it for my benefit and the enjoyment of my clients.

I was just looking at some Vids of what a company in the US do and would like to do the same.

The scenario would be....

Say I am photographing an event, say a corporate golf day I have coming up. What I want to be able to do is have the shots on my laptop or a tablet and be able to email or send or transfer or make available whatever the heck it is to that person quick and easy.

What I saw on the vids was they just entered their email addy ( or facewaste logon or whatever) into the tablet and the pic was uploaded and put on their face waste or otherwise made available to them so they then got an alert on their phone straight away.

That is what I want to do. Quick, simple and easy.

Now I asked my kids and they were talking about albums and making friends or whatever the hell it is.

No good to me. I need to be able to do it real fast, real easy, no stuffing around.

As I said, on the Vids they do it by the people just entering something in on the tablet and it's on their face waste. I don't know if there is a special software I need, I looked and all I can seem to find up for batching to your own face waste page. I want to put the pics on other peoples page.

Any Face waste Gurus know how I would go about this?

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You just upload the pics to your FW profile and they are available to anyone that you have listed as a friend. all you need is internet access and a your log in details. Have a look in the middle of your "home" page and there is a link to add photo or video.

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Ok Glort let's see.. I'm not 100% myself but

When you upload a picture, 'tag' (follow prompts) the person it's intended for on the photo. This way the client will receive a prompt that you have uploaded a picture for them.

Make sure you watermark your pictures before uploading to eliminate copy cats..

The only thing im not 100% on is if you can tag people your not friends with on FB? Im 100% positive you can tag from your friends list, but not others.

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Thanks westy. I'll look into that.

I think I had things wrong to what I was seeing. it appears the way the other mob are doing it the client has to log into their own Faewaste account and then the pic is uploaded. But I like your idea and I'll give that a go. I can probably set up an album for each event.

What I'm looking for now is how I put those icon link things on pages to upload stuff to FW . What this other mob has is like a little notation op up with some advertising text on it.

I see there is one of those Icons amongst others right on the bottom of this page.

How's that done?? The emailing, printing etc Icons would also be great.

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How old is this vid your watching? FW has changed 4 times in 16 months so it's quite possible that what your seeing is not correct anymore.

Hmmm! Excellent Point! That could explain a lot.

Heard about that but never thought of it. It's highly significant though.

I'll keep an eye on dates where I can on any info I see.

Thanks for that, not being a facewaste user as such that would have never occoured to me and i'd probably have been pi$$ed off because I couldn't make it work or follow the method they were describing.

I think you may have to jump onto a photography forum and ask. I have no idea how to add advertising.

Well largely the reason I'm asking here is because Photography forums in general are completely bloody useless.

If you want the opinion of a lot of tossers nitpicking every detail of a pretty picture you put up so they can show how much they know about photography, Then Photo forums are great. If you want to know ANYTHING about the photo business, then with the exception of a few guys, you are going to draw a blank or get a lot of thoughts from people that haven't got the first clue.

I'm always looking for a business based photo site but I can't find any. Seems real hard to find more than a few knowledgeable people out there that are into the game for money and not having people kiss their butt for putting up pictures for people to comment on.

I doubt anyone would have tweaked to the changes you pointed out.

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