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What springs to buy?


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I have a set of King Springs "comfort" 2" in the front with a factory steel bar, winch, spotties and will soon be going to scrub bars and steel steps. The comfort springs are overloaded now with a 1" spacer in the top to keep it level. I have 2" King heavy duty in the rear with coilrites. What are your opinions on the best springs for comfort in the front of my troll? I am mainly doing large KMs on bitumin and dirt ATM so flex is not a major issue, I want the best ride that I can get. I have EFS Elite shocks all round.

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With your heavier setup a set of heavy duty kings will be a smooth ride..

It's more the shocks which affect the ride.

I have an OME setup up and it's as rough as hell as it's the heavy duty setup, but I'm hoping once the winch, dual battery, scrub bars, sliders, rear bar and draws go in (that's the wish list..) that it's settles down a little bit..

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In the front of mine i have been running dobinson heavy duty coils with tough dog adjustable shocks set to 4-5 clicks and its nice on road, off road i set them to 0.

If your unsure ring Shane at suspension stuff tell him what you got hanging off the front and what your after in your ride and he can tell you exactly what you need.

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