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Dodgy blinkers!


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My blinkers stopped working the other week (don't worry the MK isn't registered yet) and I have been trying to figure it out, testing the different wires and such. Tonight I thought I'd check the hazard switch and what do you know it was buggered. Mq mad (p4x4) gave me one so plugged it in and presto, blinkers. Now to get the horn working.

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Good work mate

Pull the steering wheel off or at least the surrounds and see if the brass horn contact is making contact with

The slip ring on the back of the wheel, they have a tendency to wear down and not touch

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the horn had a couple of problems 1) there wasn't any brass rod, so I cut a nail at the height and 2) the wire from the relay to the horn was stuffed, so I put a new one in. hey presto works a charm. One more thing to tick off the list. hoping to get it on the road by the end of this month. if the accountant let's me.

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